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Meet Josh. The Founder of Streetbidder

The Birth of Amazing.

Street Bidder has gone through the rigorous process of becoming a reality over the past 11 months.

Ever since Joshua Latimer, the founder, had en epiphany last summer (2012)...Street Bidder has become an obsession.

Here is where it gets cool. Every residential estimate sheet has a FULL COLOR picture of the prospects house! "This has been a real x-factor for us." Josh said. The customer reaction is shock and awe of the level of professionalism. It only takes about 5 minutes but helps them close the deal at higher prices than any local competitors.

It didn't take long before Street Bidder was born. It is common knowledge in the direct mail industry that the more you personalize a postcard, the higher the response rate. Joshua began testing the theory of sending people postcards with real prices on one side and a picture of their house on the other. It looked promising but was VERY labor intensive. Sending homeowners a postcard with a picture of their own house and a real price was very tough before Street Bidder.

Joshua mentioned, "I looked everywhere to find a solution to this problem, but it didn't exist. So I got to work." Street Bidder was created by a business owner to use in his own business.

This is an app for the little guy made by the little guy.

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